Frequently asked questions

For Consumers

My Rewards where messages come with a reward Thank you for subscribing to the Rewards. By subscribing you’ll receive rewards attached to text messages from businesses you choose about products, services and events. The number of rewards you can earn are unlimited, you can redeem Rewards for US currency and opt out at any time. Signing up is simple, no app to download all you need is your cell number.

About My Rewards Message Attached Rewards Program: A micro reward attached to a text message and redeemed for US currency. You receive text messages with a reward from participating businesses who subscribe to the My rewards program. No phone app to download all you need is your cell phone number and you can opt out at any time.

Sign Up:
Go to www.mktrewards.com enter your phone number, you will be rewarded with Rewards during the signup processes. Connect to social media, and select some areas of interest. You’ll receive a text with a PIN number, enter the PIN and your ready to go. A digital wallet is automatically created for you and your rewards are stored in your secure wallet. You can access you rewards at any time by going to www.mktrewards.com .

The welcome message will have the phone number of the participating businesses, add this number as a contact with the name of the business. You can subscribe to receive Rewards from more that one businesses, since My rewards are business specific each business will have a different phone number.

For Business

Thank you for becoming a member of our My Rewards Program. My Rewards provide an upfront reward by attaching a reward to a text message as an incentive for the receiver to read and act on the message. Consumers are drawn to rewards programs that are simple, My rewards are simplicity at its best. No consumer app is needed, consumers redeem the rewards for US currency resulting in engaged and loyal customers who become marketiers for your business.

About My Rewards:
My rewards creates a fundamental shift in consumer engagement. Upfront rewards encourage consumers to act on messages promoting products, services and events while building consumer loyalty. My Rewards are micro rewards attached to text message. A reward attached to a text message costs pennies per message, and texts have an open rate of 98%. Customers are rewarded with Rewards during the signup processes, that’s on us. No consumer app is needed, customers sign up using their cell number and a digital wallet is automatically created which stores the rewards. Consumers redeem the reward for US currency. Customers check and redeem their rewards at www.mktrewards.com .

Sign Up:
My rewards makes it possible for any businesses to have a rewards program. Sign up at www.getredtie.com. Redtie is the platform used to send rewards with a message. Register, upload your consumer contacts, create promotional messages select the number of Rewards that will go with each message. You reward your customers with Rewards and they redeem them for US currency.

With rewards you can register your existing customers using their phone number and send the an introductory text with rewards.