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How it Works

Receive rewards from participating businesses, collect them
and cash them. Its simple secure and your information is not shared.


For Business

My Rewards provide an upfront reward by attaching a reward to a text message as an incentive for the receiver to read and act on the message. With an open rate of 98%, text messages outperform all other forms of digitalcommunication. My Rewards is designed with end user effectiveness and cost in mind, giving your business the edge over your competitors. Consumers are drawn to simple and engaging rewards and rewards are simplicity at its best. No consumer app is needed, consumers redeem the rewards for US currency resulting in engaged and loyal customers who will tell others about your business.

For Consumers

My Rewards are a micro reward attached to a text message that are redeemed for US currency. You receive rewards from businesses who subscribe to the My Rewards Message program. No phone app to download all you need is your cell phone number and you can opt out at any time.